Thursday, January 24, 2008

Undulation Audiobook Soon to be Released

Hurray for the UPS guy! Today he brought four boxes of my new audiobook, Undulation Exercises That means 40 boxes were delivered to the distributor, and Amazon will soon have copies to ship, perhaps even as early as next week.

The four CD set looks beautiful and sounds even better. This is what I’ve been waiting for: to be led through undulation exercises that unwind my spine with relaxing background music. I can even get over the fact that it’s my own voice (you know how your voice grates on your own ears), because the studio ( did such a nice job with the music and mixing.

You can hear two sample exercises by going to and clicking The Audio Book link on the left side, then scrolling down to Personal Wave and Mermaid. Personal Wave is relaxing, especially for the low back and neck, and Mermaid is extremely fun and a great exercise for the hips.

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