Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Your Body

Few people truly love their bodies. We usually have more criticism for them than admiration, even though they make our lives possible—even pleasurable.

When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you think? It’s typical to say, “I look too fat.” Or “I need to lose __ pounds.”

Then we get into specific flaws. My breasts are too small. My hips are too large. Look at that flab. And my neck. What to do about those wrinkles? And that cellulite, ugh!

It continues with criticism about our bodies’ function. It’s not strong enough or flexible enough or energetic enough or fast enough.

How many negative comments do we make about our bodies for every positive one?

What’s ironic is that the mind is making all these nasty “observations,” as though it is the body’s fault. But what part of us decides to work nine hours a day and leave no time for exercise or healthy eating? It’s the mind, of course!

No wonder there’s an epidemic of internal conflict that shows up as lethargy and dis-ease, including immune system disorders, depression, and chronic pain. Since the mind and body can’t get a divorce, it’s time for some serious counseling.

Here’s a start. Give gratitude to your body for everything it does. Let it make some decisions in your life. You might be surprised that it wants to swim, dance, or play. If given the choice, your body will naturally lose weight, be stronger and more flexible.

Next time when you look in the mirror, send your body some love. Find ten good things about it before you allow a criticism to creep up. It truly is amazing—and it is one of the best parts of you!

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