Friday, April 3, 2009

Relieve Money Anxiety

My office rent was due two days ago. The boys’ tuition is due now. My quarterly taxes are due by the end of the month. These thoughts provoke stiffening in my spine, tight shoulders, and a contraction of my energy inward—the physical manifestations of tension. As my body tenses and breath shortens, I find new things to worry about, the anxiety gets worse, and the cycle of tension is continues.

However, if I start to move, to sway, to undulate with easy movements through my spine, my breath lengthens and immediately the “where will the money come from?” doom starts to lift. The more I explore different movements, the more my mind opens to new possibilities. “Ah, the money for the rent is already there. The money for tuition is on its way. Why am I worrying about the end of the month now?”

Anxiety of the mind creates tension in the body. Fluidity in the body promotes a calm state of mind. Undulation is a great stress reduction technique.

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