Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Favorite Story

As noted in a previous article, I’ve been reading Harriet Vine’s Smart Aging and enjoying the mental fitness exercises. Just like the body, the mind can fall into a rut; exercise helps maintain top form.

Some of Dr. Vine’s assignments involve recalling pleasant memories. Not only does this access neural pathways, it sparks contentment, which is a major factor in well-being. So here’s one of my favorite stories—just for the fun of telling it. Feel free to respond with one of your fond memories by using the comments button. We can all use some heart-warming tales.

My boys were about five the last time the Mariners made a real play off run (1995?). The night the Ms lost the final game, I was teaching a class. When I came home, the boys were still awake, agitated by the events and wanting to kiss me goodnight.

“Mama, did you know that the Mariners lost?

“Yes; I heard it on the radio. Isn’t it sad?”

“Oh yes! Very sad. Even one of the Mariners was crying!” This surprised my very young men.

“Who?” I asked, incredulous.

“The bald one.”

I couldn’t believe it! “Jay Buhner was crying?!?!?!”

“No, M-o-o-o-o-m,” said with the tone of voice that conveyed I, who had been intelligent just a moment before, could be so dumb. “Not the peach-colored guy. The one with light brown skin.”

Five years old and skin was still peach, beige, light brown, and darker brown, the colors of crayons, I suppose.

People get tired of politically correct. I don’t. I wish we could all keep the open mindedness of a five-year-old, where everything hasn’t been divided into black and white yet.

P.S. Aren’t my kids cute?
P.P.S. Joey Cora was crying.
P.P.S. Please share one of your good stories.

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