Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I Feel Good

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, “I feel Great!” Not Tony Tiger great, but the James Brown, “I Feel Good” singing type of great. I reached out to smack the snooze button, started to undulate, and noticed that my spine felt supple all the way up and down. What have I been doing to deserve this? I need to know so I can keep it up.

I can attribute my suppleness to a new combination of activity, and the fact that yesterday I previewed the first draft of my unduation audiobook, Undulation Exercises. Happening upon the right combination of exercise, just the right things and not too much and not too little, is a happy time.

I started a new yoga class at The Yoga Barn ( four weeks ago. An instructor who develops a well-balanced, complete practice does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit. The Yoga Barn has exceptional instructors. Because of my crazy schedule, I had classes from Lulu, Catherine, and Taran. Each instructor created a practice for that day—nothing off the shelf at The Yoga Barn—and I left each class feeling very refreshed. Variety keeps the “routine” from getting stale. With yoga classes, I’ve been injecting my being with freshness instead.

After a two-month break from belly dancing, due to working on the haunted house and studio time for my audiobook, I’ve returned to weekly classes with Aleili ( Not only is it lovely to spend two hours a week with ladies having fun, but I’m also revitalizing the muscles in my usually tight hips and challenging my brain by learning to count music. (I swear this is fending off Alzheimers. Counting a 6/8 rhythm makes my brain work.)

I’ve also started traditional Pilates on the Reformer and Cadillac with Carmela Ramaglia ( and Kristy Guadalupe. This fun exercise is challenging, because it’s asking my body to work outside its normal pattern as I learn to use my core more effectively. During the workout, it feels like I might be sore afterwards, but I’m not. Kristy says this is because I’m lengthening the muscles while I’m working them. In addition, Pilates is helping my find some muscles that will help with my belly dance “freeze,” which has been impossible for me so far. That’s good synergy.

I’m enjoying all three activities, individually and in combination. They add variety, which is the key to a youthful body and antidote to stiffness. However, I’ve been doing them for the past three weeks. Why do I feel so good today? I can’t help but credit undulation.

Yesterday, I reviewed disc two of Undulation Exercises. I was listening to how the music and words flowed, and the spacing of everything. Of course, I couldn’t help but do the exercises as I listened. They are so fun! I only had time for ten undulations, but those exercises worked out many kinks in my spine.

No wonder I’m so excited about my undulation books, written and audio. No one is more excited to have the audio version than me! If you want to view some undulations, go to

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