Sunday, December 9, 2007

Relax and Rejuventate

Part of aging gracefully is knowing when to take a break from the go-go-go of life and give yourself time to regenerate. As mentioned in my Nov. 2 article about recovering from energetic low spots, one of my favorite places is the Olympus Spa,

This women’s-only day spa is one of the best bargains in self-care. For $30 in Tacoma or $35 in the newer Lynnwood location, you can stay all day and take advantage of the steam and dry saunas, whirlpools, mugwort well, and heated energy rooms. It’s lovely to go from bath to sauna to room, letting my body choose the desired temperature. And, because it’s so warm, the spa is particularly appealing to my chilly bones in the winter.

A Koren-style scrub is the signature service at the Olympus Spa, which costs an additional $60 and leaves your skin fresh and smooth. I had the pleasure of going last week with a dear friend. With my skin able to fully breathe and toxins sweat out my pores, I felt lighter and younger.

Having a day to chat and just be with someone you like is also restorative. Friendship is a special gift that feeds the spirit, too.

My friend told me about a spa in Seattle, the Banya, It’s different in that men and women are allowed, so swimsuits instead of birthday suits are the attire. The scrub uses salt and honey. I haven’t been there . . . yet, but will report when I do.

Your preferred regeneration strategy may be to take a walk in the woods or curl up with your cat. Whatever fuels your body and spirit, I encourage you to partake more of it this time of the year when the sun spends more time below the horizon.

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