Friday, March 28, 2008

Start Small

My family is fortunate to have great health insurance through my husband’s employer. A few years ago they instituted a wellness plan through Harris Health Trends. In order to receive the highest level of benefits, we’re required to choose a wellness activity and follow through for 42 days. My husband chose Colorful Choices; he’s counting how many serving of fruits and vegetables he eats every day. I’m on Route 66, tracking my daily exercise with the goal to do something every day.

I like keeping track. It motivates me to walk around our property or do three simple yoga poses, anything so I can write down 10 minutes minimum every day. (I always undulate for five minutes every morning. That’s how I wake up, but don’t write it on the wellness form since I consider my wake-up undulations to be like brushing my teeth: hygiene for the muscles.)

Even on the days when I don’t want to exercise, if I do just a little bit of walking, a couple of yoga poses, or an intermediate or advanced undulation, I become invigorated and then I want to be more active. Getting started creates an upward spiral of movement to replace the familiar downward spiral of stillness.

That’s why I recommend the goal of 10 minutes of exercise a day for inactive people. Ten minutes of easy exercise is manageable and will manifest into more. Starting with the goal of 30 minutes a day can be overwhelming, especially for someone who is in pain.

Follow this link to a soothing undulation exercise you can try: Personal Wave.

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