Friday, September 12, 2008

Body Unconscious

Ignoring our bodies’ needs has been ingrained since early childhood.
“Don’t cry. That didn’t hurt.”
“Wake up. It’s time to go to school.”
“Sit still and be quiet.”
“Push through the pain.”
Every evasion mutes the body’s intelligence. After all, why should it talk if no one is listening?

In addition, lack of education about basic physical functions leads to ignorance that causes daily strain. For example, most people don’t know:
§ Each foot has 3 arches.
§ You can regulate your nervous system by controlling your breath (more than just taking a deep breath when upset).
§ The best way to have good posture is to push into the ground, not pull up from the shoulders.
§ The nerves that power your arms come from your neck. That’s why lean-forward, computer-work posture contributes to carpal tunnel syndrome.

It’s no wonder that so many mind-body relationships resemble a dysfunction marriage between tyranny and passive-aggression.

Mind: Get up and go to work now.
Body: I’m tired.
Mind: Work harder.
Body: I hurt.
Mind: You can rest now.
Body: I don’t want to sleep.

Restoring body consciousness is possible. My next article will give you several methods to improve the mind-body connection and will help you:
§ Avoid Injuries.
§ Be more in tune with your intuition and creativity.
§ Exercise more.
§ Eat better.

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