Monday, September 29, 2008

The Body Has Layers of Rhythms

A symphony is playing inside your body right now. A harmony of rhythms keeps you alive, but when one system loses its tempo, the melody—that is your health—suffers.

Take a moment to tune into this miraculous song that plays day in and day out. Your heart beat, the whisper of your breath, gurgles of digestion. More subtly, your lymph system cleanses in a slow flow. Your brain and spinal cord are bathed in craniosacral rhythm. Even your organs dance in a back and forth motion every seven seconds or so.

What we commonly think of as aging is disruption in the flow of these systems. For example, the breath and visceral organs get bound up in patterns of past injury or stress. This is often because we incorrectly assume that the body is built like a machine and we limit the variety of our movements, as though we were a part of an assembly line.

Instead, try to enhance your internal flow. Consciously expand your breath every day. Nourish your heart beat with cardiovascular exercise. Move with variety—slowly, slinky, silly—move like the organic being that you are.

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