Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Resources for Staying Fit

Stay in the moment. Stay in the game. –Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is quickly becoming one of my favorite athletes, not just because he is leading my favorite team to a winning season, but because of his equanimity. Whether the Seahawks are winning or losing, he advises teammates and fans to stay present and focus on what’s important. This is great advice for anyone as staying fit requires staying aware of your energetic, physical, and mental states and choosing activities that are appropriate for your situation. I’ve found that traditional exercise doesn’t always fit the bill, but here are some resources that can help.

Many of the links to the Therapeutic Fitness Challenge videos will remain active on my YouTube channel. You can also buy my book, Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation and CDs, Undulation Exercises, on Amazon or directly through my distributor for a super-saver, half-price discount.

Undulation Break is a computer program that reminds you to move throughout the day. You can program it to fit your schedule and also to include undulations that suit your body’s needs. Find out more at

My yoga teacher, Robin Rothenberg of Essential Yoga Therapy, has a set of yoga practices specifically designed to reduce low back pain and a very enjoyable yoga meditation CD.  
Her website also has some yoga practices, one of my favorites is one from her class for people with MS and PD.

Also, Mary Bond is a Rolfer who has taught me a lot about movement. Her DVD, Heal Your Posture, is a wonderful resource, too.

Stay aware and stay active.

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