Friday, August 3, 2007

Don't Gripe, Just Do It

I’ve been griping and grumbling about it for months, but now I’ve decided to just accept the fact that some things in life require more work than they used to. Take sex, for instance. The sparks of passions used to ignite every time I got naked in my bedroom. Removing my clothes doesn’t produce the same effect anymore. After all, I’ve been married to my darling husband for over 22 years, and he’s seen my body about 10,000 times.

Staying in shape isn’t as carefree either. Consistent aerobic exercise (ugh!) is required to maintain a healthy weight and prevent heavy breathing after a single flight of stairs. I can’t just stop at aerobic exercise either. I have to stretch and undulate and lift weights and do yoga at least weekly. Of course, my body deserves it. Physically, I’ve been able to do anything I’ve wanted. Well . . . except for being a high school cheerleader. But with all this consistent exercise, I’m in better shape than at any time in my life. I’m sure I could do the cheers and kicks to make the squad now!

While some things take more work, it’s only fair to recognize the many others that come more easily. I used to fret over almost every decision. How will it affect others? What’s the future impact? Is it the best choice? What will other people think? The self-assuredness that comes with age frees me to focus on more important things.

And, that’s worth a little extra time—and work—to take care of myself. So, while I’m griping about exercising, I just do it, because without it I won’t be strong, flexible, and able to do the things in life I want.

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