Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wobble Chair

My chiropractors, Scott and Jill Massengill of the Center for Natural Healing at Straight Chiropractic in North Bend, have a new therapeutic chair that’s fun, because it encourages undulation. The chair’s promotional literature reinforces many of the same ideas that I preach: movement is necessary to supply nutrients to the spinal discs, and daily exercises of 5-7 minutes are required to keep the discs and connective tissue healthy.

“All of the chemicals and materials of normal spinal discs are present even in pathological and aged spinal discs. But spinal discs don't have their own blood supply so there has to be another way to pump the nutritious fluids into discs and then squeeze out wastes. While physical activity can create a pumping force, Vert Mooney, M.D., a world-renown researcher and orthopedic surgeon cites loading and unloading the lumbar discs as the best way to create a pumping force that produces fluid exchange. And that's exactly what the Wobble Chair does. For a strong, healthy, pain-free back at any age, we prescribe performing loading and unloading exercises with the Wobble Chair twice daily."

“A daily regimen of 5-7 minutes full-range-of-motion exercises are absolutely essential for daily metabolic interchange, nutrition intake, and elimination of waste products in order to maintain healthy, well-hydrated spinal discs, ligaments, and tendons. (The Aging Lumbar Spine, Bernini P.M.D. et al. Saunders, 1982)”

You can learn more about the Wobble Chair with the following link. Go to page 9 for the Wobble Chair.

And, click here for an article that compares the Wobble Chair to other chairs and machines that promise the same results:

Undulations also create a pumping action through the spine, as do other exercises like yoga and dancing. The more of these types of activities that you can build into your life, the healthier your spine will become.

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Meet Ya At The Top! said...

I have been using the wobble chair in my office for over 12 year. It is the best piece of physical therapy equipment I have come across in my 28 years of treating patients. Lots of my patients buy them to have in their home. It's like back rehab at home.
Dr. Marc Weiss
Torrance, Ca