Friday, August 24, 2007

The New Rules of Posture

Exercise is important, but how you use your body everyday has a bigger impact on your overall mobility. That’s why healthy posture is the cornerstone of muscle and joint vitality. You’ll find the information you need to improve your posture in Mary Bond’s book, The New Rules of Posture (Healing Arts Press, 2007, $18.95)

The old rules say that good posture is a matter of placement. The new rules “approach posture as the expression of both mind and body.” Mary guides her readers into good alignment that they can feel.

The book is a collection of stories that we all can relate to, beautiful drawings, and exercises that integrate emotional and physical experience. The exercises are actually explorations into the components of posture: breath, pelvic floor, the core, shoulders, and more. The shoulder exercises are brilliant—a must for anyone with long-term shoulder issues.

We rarely stand still for long, so a posture system that pertains only to sitting or standing has limited application. The New Rules of Posture is about life, working, driving, washing the dishes, so it’s sure to make a difference in how you use your body, and therefore how long you’ll enjoy your mobility.

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