Thursday, May 8, 2008

Passive Undulation Machines: Back2Life, Chi Machine, Hula Chair, Wobble Chair

I’m pleased to see more avenues for undulation coming to the forefront. Last week on TV, I saw an infomercial for the Back2Life machine, the “12 minute back pain answer.” Just lie down, bend your knees, put your calves on the machine, and let it align your spine with a passive undulation. In case you want to know without having to watch the entire 30 minute spot, as I did, the cost is $199.

A similar machine has been on the market for several years, called the Chi Machine. They range in cost from $99 to $350 and do basically the same thing, but the legs are straight instead of bent.

The Hawaii chair as demonstrated by Ellen Degeneres in this hilarious video is another option.

Of course it works better if you keep your feet on the floor!

My August 16 post highlighted the Wobble Chair, another passive undulation machine, The chair is about $200, but my chiropractor will also sell just the top wobble part, which is about $100, to set on top of a hard chair. You can read more about it at this link. The Wobble Chair is available only through chiropractors and is described on page 9 of this catalog:

You could spend $100 or more for a chair or machine that helps you stay limber and hydrates your discs. Or you could learn to undulate on your own. Self-undulation has the following advantages over passive undulation:

1) You can undulate anywhere without a chair or a machine. Nourish your spine in line at the grocery store, in your car waiting for the light to turn green, or in the shower. All without having to set aside 12 minutes a day.

2) Passive undulation loosens muscles. Active undulation also strengthens the tiny muscles around the spine.

3) Studies show that passive treatments aren’t as effective in the long run as strategies that are patient directed.

4) The undulation book is less than $20, the 4 CD set is under $22 from You can Look Inside the book by following the link on the right side of this page.

The Hip Hiker undulation, shown here, closely recreates the Wobble Chair motion. The Personal Wave undulation,, is great for low back pain. The Coffee Grinder undulation is a tame version of the Hula Chair and a video is is shown here along with other undulation videos:


mommaofthree said...

The back2life machine looks like it would be relaxing. Im sure it cannot cure everyone's problems. Im going to have a closer look at the Chi back machine you have mentioned here, thanks!

Anita Boser said...

My mom uses a chi machine and really likes it. The important thing is to keep your body moving. These passive undulation machines are like a massage with movement built in.

Thanks for checking out my blog.