Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Blog Posts

Here's a summary of the articles I posted in 2010. Next up will be a review of reader favorites.

Slow Down to Do More 12/20/10
Exercise of the Month: Legs Up the Wall Pose 12/14/10
Gutsy Health Moves 12/4/10
Book Review – Mudras: Ancient Gestures to Ease Modern Tension 11/7/10
Move Past Self-Consciousness 10/28/10
Pacing fitness goals, jogging, Salmon Days Fun Run 10/4/10
Exercise of the Month: Bridge Pose or Pelvic Lift 9/5/10
Book Review: Align for Life Align for Life 8/30/10
Flip Flop Fiasco 8/12/10
Doing Dishes Can Be Hard on Your Health 8/6/10
Exercise of the Month: Engage Your Core Through Your Feet 8/2/10
DVD Review - Yoga Link: Core Integration 7/25/10
Fascia Refresher 7/11/10
Fascinating, Fascia-nating Fascia 6/14/10
Exercise of the Month: Squats 6/9/10
Body Rolling Book Review 5/20/10
Spontaneous Motion 5/15/10
Exercise of the Month: Standing Alignment 5/7/10
91-Year Old Yogini 4/22/10
These Shoes Were Made for Walking 4/19/10
Exercise of the Month: Head Waggle 4/8/10
A New Twist on Everyday Exercise: Fun! 3/17/10
Folders by Heather Denniston, DC 3/10/10
Exercise of the Month: The Anti-Crunch 3/3/10
How To Melt Your Fuzz Buildup 2/23/10
Book Review – T5T: The 10-minute Rejuvenation Plan 2/17/10
5 Ways to Stop a Pain Cycle 2/9/10
Exercise of the Month: Happy Baby Pose 2/2/10
Body Fat 1/27/10
Book Review: Muscular Retraining for Pain-Free Living 1/19/10
Assess Your Health 1/12/10
Exercise of the Month: Hula Hoop 1/5/10

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