Monday, October 29, 2007

Alive! Expo

Where do you get reliable health information? My husband injured himself in a home improvement accident and went straight to WebMD ( to find out if an emergency room visit (and all its associated costs) was necessary when you drill through your hand. He followed the instructions. Since the wound was clean and not in his foot, he bandaged it and now, the next day, it’s healing nicely.

To have the best health possible, you need to be proactive in seeking health information. What food will provide optimum nutrition? Do you need to take supplements? Will certain therapies be beneficial to you?

If you’re in Seattle, you have a wonderful opportunity to learn about natural health at the Alive! Expo ( at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday, November 4th. Hundreds of natural health companies will be represented including Aubrey Organics, North American Herb and Spice, and Super Supplements.

In addition, there will be cooking demonstrations and samples of everything from smoothies to natural health care products. And, both days will include speakers on topics from Detoxing your Home to What Sugar Cravings Mean. I’ll be speaking on the Main Stage on Sunday the 4th from 5:00 to 6:00 pm about a natural treatment for back pain and arthritis—Undulation.

I have about a dozen free tickets to this event, and you don’t have to come to hear me speak to use one. After all, I bet you know a lot about undulation already. Let me know right away if you’d like a free ticket and I’ll arrange to get it to you.

Your underlying health determines how well you can heal from a wild, flying drill—or whatever other unexpected injury or illness comes your way. Take some time to prepare yourself with good information.

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