Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cambridge Naturals

Being a health professional has many advantages. One is that you get to know so many delightful people! Helping clients on their healing path is rewarding. I also get to meet colleagues who are committed to helping others live lives of well-being and wholeness.

This Wednesday, I’ll be giving an undulation workshop at Cambridge Naturals. The owners, Elizabeth and Michael Stagl, are very friendly, health-oriented, and take on the formidable task of running a community-oriented small business. Check out their website at www.cambridgenaturals.com.

This website is an example of dedication to health. It has an impressive reference library, which includes a list of herbs and their uses, supplements, and even healthy conditions by signs and symptoms, and also conditions by related organs and body systems. If you want to investigate natural treatments, this is a good source.

You can even access health calculators from their site to check out body mass index, target heart rate, and nutritional needs. In addition, you can even take a general health assessment. All this is a wealth of free, beneficial information. But my favorite part of the website is the tab for healthy recipes.

Even if you don’t live in Massachusetts, you can add to your knowledge about health by taking advantage of the information provided by Cambridge Naturals. I can’t wait to see the store and meet Elizabeth and Michael in person. After that, I’m going to the Fascia Research Congress (at Harvard, no less) and then the International Association of Structural Integrators Symposium. I’ll give you an update when I return next week.

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