Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Undulations

There’s plenty of opportunity to observe undulation as you watch the Olympics. Here’s a great example. I found a great video on a triathlete’s blog, because it talks about undulation. (This site is informative, too.) Look at Michael Phelps breaking the 200 m butterfly world record in Melbourne last year.

His undulations underwater, especially after each turn, are absolutely amazing. No wonder he is so strong!

Also notice how the athletes are shaking their muscles to relax before the race. This is like Undulation #29, The Jerk. Try it next time you want to shed some unnecessary tension.

You’ll find plenty of undulation in every sport. The runners who let the motion flow through their bodies will be faster than those who pound the pavement. The crew members who row in an undulation from feet through fingers will be more powerful than those who pull from arms and shoulders only.

If you see a particularly amazing undulation while watching the Olympics, please post a comment to let me know to watch for it.

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Thanks for the reference, Anita!