Monday, January 13, 2014

TFC Day 10 - Manage Your Energy

The realm of fitness typically doesn't include ethereal concepts like energy. However, if you don't have enough energy to exercise, it's hard to get fit. Today's assignments are all designed to keep your energy up, without burning you out.

1. Wake up Early.  (Hopefully it’s not too late.) J

2. Eliminate sugar and caffeine from your diet today. Learn to generate your energy internally through breath and movement.

3. Evaluate the physical assignments you did two days ago (aerobics, core, or alignment) and the yoga practice from yesterday. Make a note of how these affected you and if you need to make modifications for these practices in the future.

4. Breath practice: For 5 minutes focus on your inhale, which builds energy.  Like the exhale practices from yesterday choose one of three methods to enhance the energy of the inhale. 1) Make each inhale a little longer, 2) Add a pause after each inhale, or 3) Do single nostril breathing on the inhale.  Do be careful with extending the inhale, especially if you are prone to anxiety.  As with all breathing practices, stop at any point your nervous system feels uneasy. After focusing on your inhale, let your breath relax and breathing normally for several minutes.

5. Movement practice:  Go for a hike or walk for at least 15 minutes, rain or shine.  Choose a route that is not too hilly.  Trigger points are often activated by cold, so dress warmly with a scarf or long jacket if appropriate. Try to get to your target heart rate, as you learned about in the TFC Day 2 exercises
6. Stretch after going for your walk or hike

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