Monday, January 27, 2014

TFC Day 20 - Organic, not Mechanical

Do you consider your progress to be less than optimal if it isn’t moving upwards on a straight line? Are your ideals for movement goal focused, such as running faster each time or lifting increasingly heavier weights? Unfortunately, we are made organically, like cats, dogs, antelope, and octopi. Our energy and cycles are in tune with the Earth, we make progress and we reverse and then progress again.
Perhaps the most important part of the Therapeutic Fitness Challenge is learning to assess your own physical and energetic condition and using your mind to help your body heal and increase fitness. One of the best ways to do that is to make comparisons. Today, we will redo the range of motion assessments from Day 1. You may notice “improvements,” and you may not. The body adds strength and flexibility in a non-linear fashion. Learning to realize the ebb and flow of your body is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. After the assessments, there is a breathing practice and a scheduling assignment. Do them in any order you wish.
Range of Motion Audio #1 (13 minutes)

Range of Motion Audio #2 (17 minutes)

Range of Motion Audio #3 (9 minutes)

Breathing Practice: Observe your breath. Notice the length of your inhale and exhale and the spaces between. If it isn’t already, extend your exhale so it is at least as long as the inhale. Spend 5 minutes with your breath making it as smooth as possible. Make a note of what you notice and compare it to your breath on Day 1 of the challenge.

Third assignment: Make a schedule for yourself next week with activities that will continue the progress you have made in the TFC.  

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