Friday, January 10, 2014

TFC Day 7 - Rest and Reflect

Fitness is not all about doing stuff. The body, mind, and spirit need down time to repair, heal, and prepare for increased capacity. Today’s challenge is to rest and get ready for the second week of the challenge. Do take one minute to evaluate the physical exercises from this week:

  • Wall Sit
  • Aerobics/Cardio exercise from day 2
  • Stretches
  • Alignment exercises
  • Core exercises
  • Undulation compilation
  • Aerobics/Cardio exercise from day 5
  • Sun salutation seated
  • Sun salutation hands-and-knees
  • Sun salutation standing at the wall

Which ones need to be modified if you do them in the future?
Which ones will you not do in the future?
Which ones are on you’re A-list of exercise?

Take time to relax today. Tomorrow we start to build on this week’s assignments.

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