Monday, January 20, 2014

TFC Day 14 - Improve Your Ability to Rest

You have worked hard for two weeks.  Today is a day of rest.  For the breathing and mental assignments, use today to catch up on one if you need to.  For the physical exercise, spend 5-20 minutes with your thighs strapped in either the constructive rest position or with your legs up the wall.  Only do legs up the wall if you have learned to do this in yoga class.  If not, constructive rest position with your calves resting on a chair will give you similar results.  Do tie your thighs with a yoga strap or bathrobe belt (as shown in the legs up the wall photo) so they are held in alignment.  Since there is more muscle on the outside of the thighs, they will naturally fall into external rotation without being tied and that can cause strain on the sacrum.  Both the constructive rest position and legs up the wall pose are rejuvenating for the body, like a power nap.

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