Tuesday, January 7, 2014

TFC - Day 4 for the Core

A strong core is key ingredient in the recipe of preventing injury.  The core muscles maximize strength in the back, which is essential to lift anything heavy. The core also keeps the body in good alignment and the nervous system out of “fight or flight.” That’s why today’s assignments focus on building your internal powerhouse. Unfortunately, many supposed core workouts only strengthen the core if you already know how to use it. The practice below uses a progression to be sure you know where your core is.

Please remember: This program is not intended to replace professional medical care nor contradict medical advice you may have received.  If you experience physical discomfort or anxiety, stop and consult your medical advisor.

Core practice

The breathing assignment today is a combination of the breathing exercises from day 2 and 3: Breathe through your nose combining chest and abdominal expansion on inhale and extending your exhale until you develop a comfortable maximum breath. Note how your core engages on the strong exhale. Sustain this breath for 10 more breaths then let your breath return to its natural rhythm.  Notice the difference in your energy and awareness compared to when you started.
Sit and feel the sensations in your body.  Describe them with adjectives, nouns, verbs, and/or adverbs.  Say them out loud or write them down and save the paper. (Does this assignment seem boring or useless? Bear with me, please. Being able to sense and name the sensations in your body is another key to avoiding injury and developing strength.

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