Sunday, January 19, 2014

TFC Day 13 - Modify As Needed: Breathing, Aerobics & Stretching

Today we have another opportunity to assess a previous practice and modify. Learning to evaluate an activity and changing it to suit you is an essential skill to avoid injury. Inattention to your needs—going on autopilot—is frequently the source of overdoing it or doing “something stupid.” Likewise, not being willing to make changes is a sign that your ego is willing to sacrifice your body for its interests. Strengthen your awareness, grow in wisdom, and stay fit.

1. Breathing: Develop a sequence of breath: i) Breathe as big as you can (inhale and exhale) for a minute. ii) Then let your breath return to a natural rhythm for a minute. iii) Extend your exhale for a minute to slow down the breath and relax.  Repeat this sequence once or twice more.

2. Choose an aerobic activity to get your heart rate to its target range as you learned in Day 2. You can hike or do the Therapeutic aerobics again, but modify them if needed.

3. Follow the stretching video, but feel free to change the stretches or add your own.

Remember to stay hydrated. Keep your water bottle handy all day.

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