Saturday, January 18, 2014

TFC Day 11 - Step It Up (Or Not)

If you get injured with exercise, it’s important to know when to step it up and when to back off. Today’s assignments challenge you to make this distinction for yourself based on your body’s energy and fitness today. Assignments:

1. From your daily journal (or notes or memory), make a list of the activities that exacerbate your symptoms. Next to each activity write a modification for it, with an option being Don’t Do It.

2. The breathing assignment today is a combination of the breathing exercises from day two and three: Breathe through your nose combining chest and abdominal expansion on inhale and extending your exhale until you develop a comfortable maximum breath. Draw in your abdominal muscles from the front and sides as you exhale. Sustain this breath for 10 or more breaths, then let your breath return to its natural rhythm. 

3. Evaluate your ability to do the core exercises and alignment exercises from day 4 and/or 8. If you are comfortable that your core is strong and that you can keep in alignment with challenging exercise, try the Therapeutic Calisthenics. If you are not confident, then redo the core exercises from day 4 and the alignment exercises from day 3. Remember to modify (for example, don't lift your arms as much as shown in the video or stop before it is finished) if that is what's best for your body. You might also want to take the Understanding and Healing from Soft Tissue Injuries online class

Please remember: This program is not intended to replace professional medical care nor contradict medical advice you may have received.  If you experience physical discomfort or anxiety, stop and consult your medical advisor.

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