Sunday, January 12, 2014

TFC Day 8 - Don't Quit and Don't Hurt Yourself

The Marines have a saying: “Improvise.  Adapt.  Overcome.” Please notice that improvisation and adaptation are the tools to overcome. This week’s goal is to learn to modify—improvise and adapt—activities so they are suitable for your body. Remember what you learned from last week’s exercises, like your range of motion and ability to engage your core, and use that information to determine if and how to change the assignments this week.

For today:

  1. The breathing assignment is to extend your exhale slowly so that it is twice as long as your inhale.  Lengthen your exhale in increments, taking several breaths at each count level before progressing to the next.  For example, if you inhale for a count of 4, start with 3 breaths exhaling for a count of 4, then 3 breaths exhaling with a count of 5, the next 3 with an exhale count of 6, then 3 breaths exhaling for 7, then getting to a breath ratio of 4 counts on inhale and 8 counts on exhale.  Maintain this ratio for several more breaths before slowly reduce the exhale by 1 count each time until you get back to a balanced breath.  Notice how this affects your energy and mood.  If you feel anxious at any time, shorten or stop this breathing exercise. 
  2. Review the intentions you wrote on day 2 and modify them based on what you’ve learned and accomplished so far.  Rewrite them even if you don’t make any changes. 
  3. Work on your core.
  • If you gave the core exercises from day 4 a thumbs-up and feel like you could do something a bit more difficult, do the Therapeutic Aerobics. However, remember to improvise and adapt when needed. For example, if your neck gets sore, stop lifting your arms. If your back gets sore, don't go to the end.

  • If you gave the core exercises from day 4 a thumbs-up and feel like they were difficult for you, do them again and modify where necessary.  Feel free to stop at any time.
  • If you gave the core exercises a thumbs-down rating, do the alignment exercise video.


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